Material : Available in Mild Steel (Tinned) And Bronze Tinned

Sheet Thickness : 18 Gauge (1.2 MM)

Polish : Tinned

Attachment :  Arming Cap And Chin Straps

Sizes : (A) Side To  Side :- 18 CM & Front To Back :- 22 CM

(B) Side To  Side :- 19 CM & Front To Back :- 23 CM

Note : We made custom size helmets also on demand.



This will be made with chinstrap rings instead of the outside fastening studs Since the original cheek pieces where not found it is not known which fastening system was used originally. Also later refits to rings were likely common as helmets seemed to stay in service for a long time with the Legions and even longer when handed down to Auxillia troops as newer style helmets were adopted. I believe the Nimeigen version of the Gallic ‘A’ was found in an possible Auxillia context. …. We want to get this helmet historical correct AND have the features that you guys want….. I would like to have the helmets sold with the following features; Double ring on the neck guard back Ring on each side of the neck guard Stud and ring combination on the cheek pieces (These rings will be removable for those who just don’t want to cover them with cheek piece liners. Linen and Leather cheek piece liners (Buyer glues his choice on) 15 piece felt liner liner set 5 piece Thick Liner and 2 5 piece thin liners Linen and leather liner sets 5 piece Leftovers can be used on other helmets!!!! Double 1/2 inch helmet straps (From Double rings in back to Studs) Adjustable and user installed Simple 1/2 wide Short Chinstrap (Alternative to above) Long Leather tie for use with chin strap rings (Alternate to above)
DSC will probably make several alternate metals helmets and extra large size should be available by special order. Of course I get the FIRST one. – Everyone else will have to get in line!!!!!

The helmet design has both studs and rings with the ring on the inside of the stud fitting- those not liking rings can easily remove them or cover then with the cheek guard lining. In a historical context this can represent a later modification to upgrade the helmet to “current” Legion standards. So everyone can be happy! I am getting my personal helmet with the two additional rings on the neckguard so I can experiment and find out what they may have been used for.
– John Kaler MSG, USA Retired Member Legio V (Tennessee)

I think is an assumption that all the auxiliary equipment were “second class” and of a lesser quality than legionary one, but that is not probed, and the stelae and other documentation shows a equiparation. – Cesar Pocinya LEGIO PRIMA GERMANICA

If you look at the Nijmegen face-mask helmets (found at the Kops Plateau, where a (batavian) auxiliary cavalry unit had its camp, they were first hads for sure. Made to measure to their wearer, as is presented in resent studies. And those helmets weren’t the cheapest at all! So you’re right saying that Auxilia surely could have first hand (and even expensiver) equipment. And another great helmet from Daniyal. Aarrrrgg, I need more money. Good job guys. Laudes for you.- Jvrjenivs Peregrinvs Magnvs A.K.A. Jurjen Draaisma

They’re similar, as the Guttmann ones were based on the Nijmegen originals (Nijmegen ones are iron) The Guttman ones are not as wide nor do they have the correct fastening stud on the outer face. They are also too straight up and down the trailing edge IMO. The cusps are deeper on the Nijmegen original too. Robinson’s reconstruction is very good… Two others apart from these two. Another from Nijmegen and the fourth from Eich. The only one with surviving cheek guards is the Nijmegen one pictured above. ….. Looking good! … They’re doing a grand job! If it is an Augustan -Tiberian helmet (as all Gallic A types seem to be)you can be *almost* certain that it had stud fastenings. And since the ONLY example of a Gallic A cheek piece does have studs, surely it would be more accurate to base it upon the one known find?? … Awesome reconstruction, I see you went for the Nijmegen cheek guard in the end! We will definitely stock a few of these! I have placed an order for 5 x tinned bronze versions of this helmet. – Marcus Ulpius Peronis COH I BATAVORVM MCRPF

we will too, let me know if you want to reserve one in the states! We will be accepting pre-orders, $300 usd for the tinned iron, and $380 usd for the bronze tinned (recommended). I will have it on the website tomorrow 2/20 or call/ email us to pre-order. – Rusty Meyers RKA Justus Rustius Longinus Commander, Leg VI FFC

This would be a nice addition…… It sounds interesting! … Nice work, I look forward to seeing more on this! Awesome, Ille have one too please! Legio XIIII GMV. (Q. Magivs)RMRS Gaius Julius Caesar/ was Marcus/Byron Angel
It is a beautiful helmet. – William Marshal Hall – Keltica Iron Age Village

Well that one is looking very nice!!!! am VERY interested in the steel one!! Would even consider purchasing the steel trial after you finish it since it is so good!! … well this is one of the best examples of Roman reconstructions you have ever come up with compared to every other helmet you made in the past so that is why i was maybe a bit eager…. M.VIB.M. – H.J.Vrielink – Art-Director – Ashikaga Production Design

I’d like to get one of these Gallic A’s, but if it has internal tie rings I’ll go without … Great helmet!! – TARBICvS/Jim Bowers CALIGATvS CAVORTvS NINIvS

PERFECT! It’s the iron one, no? If you want to sell the trial version, you will have a lot of buyers, i think… – Cesar Pocinya LEGIO PRIMA GERMANICA

It looks great… I’m also interested, but also need to know the price Israel M. Sánchez Mulae Marii- Legio VIIII Hispana

Mee too! – Lucius Domitius Aurelianus Patrik Pföstl

WOW! that helmet is awesome! Maius/Bill Marcus Petronius Maius LEG XIIII GEMINA COH VI

Definitely interested but need to know how much to reduce my wife’s monthly spending allowance by! – Sulla Felix AKA Barry Coomber COH I BATAVORVM MCRPF

avete Omnes … I whant one of this helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – PierPaolo siercovich

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