Material : Mild Steel With Brass Decoration

Sheet Thickness : 18 Gauge (1.2 MM)

Polish : Natural Finished

Attachment :  Arming Cap

Sizes : (A) Side To  Side :- 18 CM & Front To Back :- 22 CM

(B) Side To  Side :- 19 CM & Front To Back :- 23 CM

Note : We made custom size helmets also on demand.




The helmet dates from the second half of the first Century. Yes it is. Mid to late first Century. A type not previously commercially available, but a beauty nonetheless! I’m certain that DSC will do their usual stunning and accurate reconstruction of it too. The original is from Hungary but currently on display in the UK. It’s probably going to be prettier than the Carnuntum helmet . Note the brass front edge to the browguard! – Aka Adrian Wink

very clever marketing, keeping the nicest designs till last…. I like it a lot. The cheekguards look fantastic and are nice and long… But I think I want one of these. – Jef Pinceel

Awesome! Well done! – Jurjen Draaisma

Very nice work! Long live the cooperation between Peroni and DSC! – Sander Van Daele

Interesting eyebrows, the whole helmet flows. The angle of the guard looks ideal for stopping downward blows. And I like the fact the neck guard seam seems to be totaly invisible. Unlike the Gallic ‘H’ I received. This is definitely a winner. – Gaius Julius Caesar/Byron Angel

Well done Adrian !  The bowl seems to be perfect in proportions, not too wide and deep enough! I definitely want one if it stays like this! – Virilis/ Jyrki Halme

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