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Late Roman Greaves

Late Roman Greaves, based upon the 3rd C. find from Kunzing, these will be made available in both steel and brass from Daniyal Steel Crafts for Mr Adrian Wink .

I’m interested in a brass pair of greaves, theres a suprise. – Caballo/ Paul B Cohors I Batavorum
Don’t polish’em, they look better this way. – Ivan Perelló
Very nice! – Valerius/Robert Vermaat
Cool and a very nice price too ! My steel greaves just arrived. THEY ARE GREAT !! – Virilis/ Jyrki Halme TOXOPHILITE
I will def like the brass ones……but also maybe the steel ones too…. Looking great… – Gaius Julius Caesar/ was Marcus/Byron Angel
I received the prototypes in the post today. They’re awesome! – Marcus Ulpius Peronis COH I BATAVORVM MCRPF


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